Shanghai workshops April 2007 AND THE WINNERS ARE.....

Announcement of WINNERS ARCHIPRIX International Shanghai 2007 The world's best graduation projects – architecture – urban design – landscape architecture WINNERS for the Hunter Douglas Awards (in alphabetical order) 2 in 1 designed by: Karimullin Timur, Dmitry Kulikov - Russia - Kazan Agro-Industrial School of Rengo designed by: Alberto Fernandez - Chile - Santiago Dredge Landscape Park designed by: Gerwin de Vries, Alexander Herrebout - Netherlands - Wageningen Duo designed by: Hiroyuki Suga - Japan - Yokohama GS0306 designed by: Michael Smith, Robert Garita - Costa Rica - San Jose School_handmade in Bangladesh designed by: Anna Heringer - Austria - Linz The Urban Design Of Xiagang District In Xiamen designed by: HongXiwen, GaoJunning - China - Fujian November 2006 the jury reviewed the submitted projects in Shanghai. The jury nominated 21 projects for an award. Chair: Zhiqiang Wu, Dean College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, Shanghai China; Mels Crouwel, State Architect / BenthemCrouwel Architects, the Netherlands; Martha Cecilia Fajardo, president International Federation of Landscape Architects, Bogotà, Colombia; Qingyun Ma, architect, MADA s.p.a.m., Shanghai, China; Shane Murray, professor, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

From the jury report: "During the assessment, the Archiprix jury became increasingly enthusiastic about the projects submitted to this edition of the competition. They were fascinated by the way in which graduating designers from all corners of the world managed to apply global knowledge and tendencies to local issues. [...] In Archiprix International 2007, the tone has not been set by visionary and innovative plans, but rather by the quality of the concepts. The elaboration of all nominated projects was extremely refined. Designs were often oriented toward the discovery of spatial solutions for living environments that are becoming increasingly burdened by population expansion, rising energy use, enhanced mobility, and waste production. These environmental problems appear to be a major issue throughout the world, and will probably become even more acute in the near future."