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Workshop results group 1
Untitled DocumentFinal presentation group 1
2007-05-13 22:20:06 - Alberto Fernandez from Chile
The Archiprix Shanghai 2007 Experience
This history begins when the university invited me to participate in the 4th version of this international competition in Shanghai. The idea of going on this trip was exciting. It is a great opportunity to get to know the best young architects in the world and to work with them in the international workshop. Shanghai looks like a big modern city, this was mine first impression, but in essence, it is a mix between the west technologies and the old Chinese culture. Maybe the communism is only a marketable mask, a tourist camouflage. The city forgets his history, and the Shanghai citizens are like a baby with a pistol gun. Everything is a big disorder, a great theater of confusion. This is the new face of China, with many contradictions, and the power of the money support this new society. Trying to do a project in this context is always a great opportunity, theory is nothing without a practice proposition. For that reason I believe in strategies with this two simultaneous points of views, the projects are for the architect and common people. Why does architecture forgets the use? Forgets a single language of ideas can be the right choice? Could it be possible to do architecture in an absolutely rhetorical position? The answers for these questions are yours. Maybe the best experience in the Archiprix has to do new friends, from different places, countries and cultures, but with the same energy. It was absolutely incredible to work on a solution with people from Mexico, Belgium, Australia, USA, Japan, Iran, Italy, China and Chile (me). The architecture language, something like corporal and graphic language, worked better than the English, and the result was interesting, the horizontal skyscraper. The project is a mix of experiences in the city, and of course, the personal background put in practice under pressure. And the final night, it is still unforgettable for me, when the nomination was transformed in an Archiprix, an experience without language, only sensations. Maybe it is the first step, together with a lot of work and sacrifice. Well, at the end it is interesting to remember the eco island visit, with an eco vision face and with a big business vision. Could this be a new green Dubai? Maybe it will be the new path of the future cities. Shanghai was a great experience. When the Expo 2010 I will visit Shanghai, probably the city will be even more impressive and bigger than the 2007 version.
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Starts At End
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midterm review
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Midterm review group 1
2007-04-18 19:50:50 - Marina van den Bergen
Midterm review group 1
The task they set for themselves is to create a landmark. It should contain housing, a marketplace, museum, offices, a ferry station. Group 1 came up with a horizontal multilayer skyscraper. To realise this group sets in three strategies: 1 Preservation of the existing houses 2 Make a park 3 Build a what they call, floating dock The existing houses are to be combined, two houses will become one house, to improve the living conditions. The houses will partly be covered up by sloping park. They will stay visible and by doing so, the houses are a visible memory of the life what ones was. In the ground under the park and the houses, a new layer is added. This layer is programmed as a market place but will also serve as a connection between a new underground station and the already existing ferry station. The foundations of the houses and the floating dock will be visible in this new layer. So when deep down in the earth you will still be conscious about the \'upper world\'. Formerly the site was used by textile industries. The group choose therefore textile as a theme for the floating dock. In this new building there will be textile related businesses. The theme will also be expressed in the materialization of the facade. By situating the floating dock at right angles to the bank of the river and suspending it over the water, the floating dock acts as a landmark.
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Hard workers -2
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Omar & Wout
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The brief
Mission: Create a better quality urban space and better life quality in this small slice of the city. Create a landmark visible from the main street, from the river and from the NanPu bridge, in vision of the international audience that will be around this area for the 2010 expo. Functions: - Ferry station: This will be the most used public function, where will concentrate the flow connecting PuXi with PuDong - Fabric museum: This will be the main cultural attraction point of the area, already famous for the existing fabric market - Fabric design and fashion design creative offices: Connected with the fabric museum will be small design practices trying to attract the museum costumers. - Residential: The target is to give a better home to the existing people living in the area and to the new people that will work in the new museum and offices. - Park: The park have to be hidden from the main street and protected from the noise. Can be connected with the outdoor functions as the fruit and fabric market. Gym and sports facilities have to be inside. - Parking: Can be one or two floors underground where is possible. - Fabric market: Have to be an open air market with removable pavilions - Fruit market: Have to be an open air market with removable pavilions