The welcome hotel The welcome hotel

May 17, 2015
Final presentation
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May 3, 2015
Home is not your house. Every day around 80 evictions take please in Madrid. Most of them are middle class people who can’t pay their rent or mortgage due to unemployment. Many of them have no other option then living rough in a city where there are more than 260,000 empty homes. The Welcome Hotel-group wants to make this social problem visible. New typologies to ‘house’ the homeless are researched, and ways in which to configure spaces with furniture. The Welcome Hotel is not looking for solutions, but for asking the right questions. (photo: homeless living 200 meter from Palacio Real)

May 1, 2015
Work in progress

Mar 11, 2015
The welcome hotel
Extitutional urbanism in Madrid España deshauciada The WELCOME HOTEL is the paradoxical place of urban and social chronicle of Madrid. A place where tourists, political refugees , illegal immigrants and lots of families from banks eviction process lives . Temporary accommodation for people who have been evicted from their homes and forced to live on the street in a city where there are more than 260,000 empty homes . In this context, PAH , Platform of people Affected by Mortgage , a citizen initiative of resistance, actions and proposals to  defend the interests of citizens from banks that have been refinanced with public money. Durkheim said that institutions are social mechanisms and cooperative nature seeking to organize and standardize the behavior of a society, But ... Where are the institutions in a city like Madrid where there have been more than 80 evictions per day? Where does families goes? The topic of our workshop is based in the knowledge that there is an informal urbanism behind this problem that architecture needs to deal. If institutions are organizational systems based on a scheme inside-out, the extitutions are proposed as surfaces that can be assembled eventually multitude of agents. Diffuse materiality and temporality, extitutions helps us understand the power relations that take shape in soft capitalism, but it can also works and serves as critical operating system to the normative institutional organizations ( hegemonic and anachronistic) Madrid is now a hive of citizen initiatives that modify the concept of institution. The city is not the same without them, a city that creates every day new open and free processes that make cities like Madrid in a extitutional city. If in the 70 the architect Lina Bo Bardi was able to help create and spatialize new institutions like the SESC Pompeia or Office the Theatre in Sao Paulo. What are and how we can think a representation of these new citizen extitutions? PAH – Mortgage citizens platform. Citizens extitutions. (in Spanish)

Masculinidades desahuciadas y Feminidades ahuciadas Place: The network of evicted houses in Madrid. The site is multi-located and one of the topics during the workshop is to change the concept of place (site-specific) into a network of different spatialities and temporalities.