Winners Archiprix Netherlands 2020: Sarina Bleumink, Felipe Chaves Gonzalez, Charlotte van der Woude

Registration of the livefeed of the Award Ceremony

10 minute compilation of the Award Ceremony

The independent jury announced the winners and honourable mentions of the 40th edition of Archiprix Netherlands on Friday June 26. Due to the measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus, a public event was impossible. The announcement took place during a live stream from the exhibition space of Het Nieuwe Instituut where the graduation plans are presented.Only the participants and the jury members could attend.

The line-up of the independent jury that judged the graduation projects of Archiprix 2020 is as follows: Frans Bevers (interior architecture), Ira Koers (architecture), Mascha Onderwater (landscape architecture), Merel Pit (theory) and Jeroen Zuidgeest (urban design).

Shared first prize (in alphabetical order)
Living Monument
Sarina Bleumink
, AvB Arnhem (architecture)
The felicitously designed and magnificently presented project for repurposing a potato starch plant in Coevorden is a convincing example of how to deal with memory. It transforms the ruins of the plant into a meaningful element in the city. The design has been scrupulously elaborated in every detail and in its material expression.

Nature Is Under Your Feet
Charlotte van der Woud
e, AvB Amsterdam (landscape architecture)
Operating at a number of strategically chosen sites in London, this project literally descends to the former River Fleet now flowing unseen below the city into the Thames. At each site is a carefully designed intervention that brings the ground plane into contact with the subterranean river. Each site has its own biotope created for specific flora and fauna. This strategy deftly introduces the idea of nature beneath the city into how we perceive that city as a whole.

Permeable Borders
Felipe Chaves Gonzalez
, TU-Delft (urban design)
Permeable Borders tackles a brief that is relevant and complex in equal measure. The aim is to improve the integration of vulnerable inhabitants in Rio de Janeiro. The designer succeeds convincingly in his strategy for a development model for Rio, including a realistic and practical toolkit to heal the city. The proposal excels in its strategic planning and meta-planning.

Honourable mentions (in alphabetical order)
Paul Kuipers
, AvB Amsterdam (architecture)
A fascinating design for a home for Edward Snowdon in Amsterdam’s canal district.

A Sense of Home
Patrick Roegier
s, AvB Amsterdam (architecture)
The designer lived for a while among the homeless, drawing on his experiences to design two facilities that the homeless lack: a kitchen (Dapperkeuken) and a bedroom (Bedsteeg) in Amsterdam’s Jordaan quarter.


The exhibition Archiprix 2020, presenting all thirty graduation projects including models and reports is on display till October 4 in Het Nieuwe Instituut. The exhibition Archiprix International 2019 presented till August 30.

The book with all projects Archiprix Netherlands 2020, designed by Kai Udema, nai010 publishers. ISBN 978-94-6208-551-0 € 24,95 > more information

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