Lindsey van de Wetering presents her graduation project Poku Oso | Conservatory of Suriname ‐ Archiprix Netherlands AvB Amsterdam (architecture) The magnificent plan for the conservatory takes the viewer on an inspiring cultural journey with an unprecedentedly accurate presentation. The further you delve into the plan, the more interesting it becomes. The design connects a large number of elements in an extremely consistent plan. The various pavilions that make up the conservatory are projected in a dilapidated park. This context and the function are related in every possible way. The park itself, the wind, the rain and the birds all participate in the conservatory. The architecture of the music buildings is inspired by the traditional wooden folk houses. They also function as musical instruments themselves, such as a string house whose walls vibrate with the music, the wind and the rain and a woodwind house made up of architectural mouthpieces. This architecture of the sound leads to a whole new, original expression. The plan also adds a new dimension to the concept of nature inclusiveness through the interaction with the park and its residents. The music buildings are beautiful and worked out in detail. The presentation with models, drawings and films is of unparalleled beauty.