In the Faculty of Architecture of the Istanbul Technical University the Archiprix International workshops took place....

In the Faculty of Architecture of the Istanbul Technical University the Archiprix International workshops took place, the jury reviewed the participating projects and all projects were exhibited. In Istanbul Archiprix International co-operated with the organizers of the Archiprix Turkey: Istanbul Technical University, Yapi-Endustri Merkezi Building & Industry Centre, Istanbul, and Sevki Vanli Mimarlik Vakfi.

Winners / Nominees
Participants favourites

 Workshop Istanbul 2003


The jury was composed of architects from different countries active in the field of design and education:

Dogan Hasol, chairman of the jury, Istanbul
Winka Dubbeldam, New York
Pierre Gautier, Paris & Rotterdam
Gerard Maccreanor, London & Rotterdam
Natalija Subotincic, Manitoba

Archiprix International received 173 entries. The overall high-quality of the all entries needs to be mentioned. The diversity scale ranged from simple or complex buildings to fragmentary or total urban models and landscaped geography. A wide variety of projects focused on the relationship of architecture and landscape, sustainibility, contextual and ecological issues. In their formal expression, the entries shed light on a rich vocabulary of design. >

The Archiprix International jury is grateful to the overall preview by a preliminary Turkish committee (Hülya Yürekli, Cana Bilsel, Cem Ilhan, Murat Ulu, and Sevki Pekin that prepared a brief description of all projects and highlighted 51 projects with notable features.

The jury meeting took place on 17th and 18th of June 2003 at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU). Following the setting up process of the preliminary working principles, the jury members, first individually then by group, examined all projects, and proposed nine more entries to be included to the preliminary selection of the Turkish committee. The jury's deliberations took two days. As a result, out of 60 projects, our jury nominates 19 projects according to the following criteria.

The extent of the combination of a clear conceptual beginning, a readable process based on research and rigourous thinking, and a readable presentation; the appreciation of conceptually strongest position; the validation of focusing on serious real world conditions (green-house, sustainability, ecological issues; post-industrial locations, and similar problematic areas);
the extent of architectural engagement in this conceptual condition; and the extent of innovation and creativity addressing topical issues of worldwide concern guided the jury's choice. The nominated projects distinguished themselves by embodying one or more of the architectural virtues extolled above.

Dogan Hasol
chairman of the jury
Istanbul Technical University - Istanbul
19 June 2003

Winners / Nominees

Out of the 19 nominated projects the jury selected 4 winners and 15 honourable mentions. They are listed alphabetically


Harm Timmermans - Netherlands > DEALING WITH VIERHAVEN
Thomas Raynaud - France > HK/WD2/WWhub
Achim Menges - England > POSTAGRICULTURE            
Yusuke Obuchi - United States > WAVE GARDEN


Mario Baez & Adrian Duran - Uruguay > ANYTIME / ANYWHERE
Bret Thurston - New Zealand > BEAT: Action, Activity and Architecture
Paolo Soellner - Italy > BETWEEN PAST AND PRESENT.
Frank Moeller - Austria > HOUSE OF LITERATURE, Prague
Hooi Weng Kong (Logan) - New Zealand > INSECTA
Mark Hash - United States > INTERSTICE
Ville Hara - Finland > KUPLA - BUBBLE, Korkeasaari lookout tower
Walter Nicolino & Paolo Pellegrino - Italy > LINEAR(C)ITY - A city on the lines
Florian Heinzelmann & Tobias Hofmann - Germany > MISE EN SCÉNE
Erick David Sun - Costa Rica > PLUG AND PLAY BUILDING
Susanne Lorentz - Germany > PROGRAMMATIC REDEVELOPMENT SYSTEM for Shanghai Lilongs
William d Galloway - Canada > SOUGAWA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. (an emergent typology).
Luke Pulham - England > WESTWAY HEALT CENTRE, London 

Participants Favourites

Ville Hara - Finland > KUPLA - BUBBLE, Korkeasaari lookout tower (18 votes)
Achim Menges - England > POSTAGRICULTURE (14 votes)
Yusuke Obuchi - United States > WAVE GARDEN (13 votes)
Benedikt Frass - Austria > HONG KONG OPERA (12 votes)
Thomas Raynaud - France > HK/WD2/WWhub (9 votes)
Harm Timmermans - Netherlands > DEALING WITH VIERHAVEN (8 votes)
Merethe Moum - Norway > TWO LANDSCAPES, New Mining Museum by Røros, Norway (8 votes)