Conflicting Territories | Conflicting Communities Documentary film Archiprix International Santiago Chile 2019

(Douwe van der Werf, Arne Verbrugh, Christiaan van Schermbeek and others. NL, 2019, 55 min.) language: English

Documentary film Archiprix International Santiago Chile 2019 Documentary film Conflicting Territories | Conflicting Communities
(Douwe van der Werf, Arne Verbrugh, Christiaan van Schermbeek and others. NL, 2019, 55 min.) language: English

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The documentary Conflicting Territories | Conflicting Communities, shows how the worlds most talented designers can stimulate the discussion about the future of an urban area by proposing a variety of lucid ideas. Around 70 young architects, urbanists and landscape architects joined forces to develop strategies for the future of the Matadero-Franklin neighborhood, a former slaughterhouse in Santiago Chile. The Archiprix participants traveled from all over the world to Santiago to design plans to free the area from its planning deadlock.
WORKSHOPS Conflicting Territories | Conflicting Communities
All designers of the 321 submitted graduations projects were invited to join the workshops in Santiago de Chile. Some 70 travelled from 36 countries to join the Archiprix International workshops.
The workshops focus on the Matadero-Franklin neighborhood in Santiago. The area is both unique and relatable to districts in cities around the globe: a disputed territory between market and social forces. The area presents all the conflicts of the new urban regeneration processes: real estate redevelopment of high-density market-rate housing, emerging gentrification, spaces of mass and informal retail, degraded flood-control infrastructures, obsolete industrial buildings, vacant lots of the former railroad system, and so on. In other words, all the tensions at the core sectors of Latin American cities where cultural, social, and economic values collide, forcing groups and cultural movements to take control over the design of these new spaces.
In that sense, the Matadero-Franklin neighborhood offers multiple layers to spawn a rich discussion and reflection about the design of new build environments through architectural proposals and projects. It also allows us to approach the case through five fundamental scopes: architecture, landscape, technology and resources, urban design, and heritage. At the same time, the Archiprix International Workshops—which brings together a remarkable group of recent graduates who designed the best degree projects in the world—is an opportunity not only to generate a conversation capable of bringing a foreign perspective to our problems but also a chance to resonate with a reality faced by other cities worldwide.

The film Archiprix International Santiago Chile 2019 Conflicting Territories | Conflicting Communities reports about the latest Archiprix edition and the activities in Santiago, Chile.