This website presents our legacy with an overview of the best graduation projects of the past editions and a list of universities of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture worldwide. And also: interviews with participants, workshop results, impressions of the award ceremony, and much more. The Archiprix International 2019 is organized in cooperation with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Escuela de Arquitectura in Santiago, Chile


Archiprix International is a biennial competition. With each edition Archiprix International presents a new generation of the world's best architects, urbanists and landscape architects together with their graduation projects. The formula is simple. All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their one and only best graduation project. We send invitation letter to all 1700 registered universities in spring of the even years. Individual graduates cannot apply themselves, only graduation projects finished in the last two years selected by a university as their best graduation project are accepted. Archiprix International presents the submitted projects on her website, in a book, exhibitions and films. It  forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally.

With the world's best graduation projects Archiprix International presents each edition again a new generation of the worlds most talented emerging architects, urbanists and landscape architects, who are ready and equiped to tackle all imaginable contemporary assignments.

The initiative reflects rapid international developments in the design disciplines. Recent decades have seen an explosive growth in the scale of international contact, resulting in lively exchanges world-wide. Increasing numbers of designers work on commissions abroad, professional journals are published on an international scale, and training colleges are becoming more and more international in their orientation.

Archiprix International forms an expanding international platform for training colleges and newly graduated, talented designers. It spotlights international trends in architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture and brings designers together.

An independent jury rewards the very best submissions with the Hunter Douglas Awards. The aim of the awards is to stimulate the introduction of starting, talented designers into the world of professional practice.

Archiprix International is an initiative of the Archiprix foundation. The Archiprix foundation is a non-profit organisation and owns all the rights (including Intellectual Property rights) to Archiprix International. It is a cooperation of the recognized schools for higher education teaching architecture, urban design and landscape architecture in Delft, Eindhoven, Wageningen, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

The Archiprix Foundation
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Meet Henk van der Veen, director Archiprix International (interview March 2009)

The Archiprix foundation

Archiprix International falls under the responsibility of the Archiprix executive board. The Archiprix foundation is a cooperation of the Dutch schools for higher education in the fields of architecture, urbanism and/or landscape architecture.
The board members are: ir. Jacob van Rijs  (chairman), ir. Madeleine Maaskant, ir. Dick van Gameren, dr. ir. Jos Bosman, ir. Chris van Langen, drs. Ko Jacobs, ir. Berit Ann Roos, M.Arch Claudia Linders, and ir. Paul Roncken.
The day-to-day affairs of Archiprix International are co-ordinated by ir Henk van der Veen, the director of Archiprix International.





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Archiprix International
Henk van der Veen (director), Max Rink, Marina van den Bergen, Catja Edens
Yvo Zijlstra, Marcel van der Zwet

Archiprix international Ahmedabad 2017
Archiprix international Madrid 2015 (English edition)
Archiprix international Madrid 2015 (Spanish edition)
Archiprix international Moscow 2013

Archiprix international MIT Cambridge USA 2011
Archiprix international Montevideo 2009 (Spanish edition)
Archiprix International Montevideo 2009 (English Edition)
Archiprix international Shanghai 2007
Archiprix international Glasgow 2005
Archiprix international Rotterdam / Istanbul 2001 / 2003

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Hunter Douglas Awards

The awards carry the name of our main sponsor, Hunter Douglas. Archiprix International is very grateful for the support. The interests of Hunter Douglas and Archiprix International are complementary and the cooperation between both organizations is stimulating. Content wise the link with architecture is important, the international aspect is mutual, and the ambitions do correspond.
Hunter Douglas