A week prior to the award ceremony, the Archiprix workshop takes place. All Archiprix participants of the 2019 edition are invited to participate. The tasks, progress, and the results of the workshops are presented here. As are records of the previous workshop editions.

06 Landscape Design for Environmental Justice

2019-01-10 14:28:45 - landscape | View from Victor Manuel Persa, Matadero-Franklin
Landscape Design for Environmental Justice

“Environmental justice” is achieved when all people regardless race, color, national origin, gender, or income live in neighborhoods free of health hazards, are able to enjoy equal access to safe, healthy places, and participate meaningfully in the planning of their communities.
In the field of landscape architecture, environmental justice is addressed through the concept of “equitable design.” The process and objective of landscape design must be revisited so that these happen within inclusive and participatory actions with the communities. The achievement of such processes relays on the quality of the involvement and the acknowledge of local resources, while the objective remains attached to the creation of healthy places and the access to these resources.
Environmental justice is explicit in the objective of equitable design practices, but as designers who are responsible of the process of making such places we must be careful so as not accelerate nor create environmental injustices between communities and resources.
The workshop will focus in pursuing environmental justice through education, research, practice and will explore how the landscape is shaped, identifying how communities are distributed and how common places enhance the local experiences in the Matadero-Franklin neighborhood.

Paulina Fernández holds a Master in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning at the University of Berkeley, California, and an Architecture degree from Universidad de Chile, where she is teaching as Visiting Professor. She is also founding partner at Warkscape, a studio focused in interdisciplinary projects where she is currently leading several ecological planning projects.