Sudan - Africa

Sudan University of Science and Technology
College of Architecture and Planning, Department of Architectural Design
P.O.Box: 407 / / Khartoum
2015: low-cost housing
University of Khartoum
Faculty of Architecture
P.O. Box 321 / 11115 / Khartoum
2015: Desert Resort
2021: Bringing the Dual Identity (Chinese and Sudanese Architecthure)
Shareq el Neil College
School of Architecture and Enviromental Planning
Khartoum-Bahry / / Khartoum
National Ribat University
Faculty of Architecture
Bari - Nile Street / / Khartoum
Emirates College for Science and Technology
Department of Architecture and Planning
Al-Jarif West / / Khartoum
Omdurman Ahlia University
College of Engineering and Architecture
PO Box 786 / / Omdurman