Mid term presentations

The Vacant Land in a Dence City - group

Saturday afternoon all workshop participants, studio leaders, local experts and some tutors of Cept university gathered for the mid term presentation of the eleven workshops. Everybody got an inside of that the other groups had been doing during the last four days, their encounters, their experiments, and their thoughts.

For most of the participant this is their first time in India. Especially those who are not from South Aast Asia were overwhelmed by the city: the sound (noise), the smell, and the hospitality of the people living in Ahmedabad. All workshops deal with issues that are in one way or another related to Ahmedabad. The first days were filled with field trips looking for the perfect location to focus the attention on. Many returned to the location during the day and during the week, to experience the changes of use.  With the help of local experts, students from Cept that are assigned to every workshop, they talked to the locals. The experts also helped the participant in trying to understand the complex Indian society. This input provides the researchers with essential and crucial information. As one Cept tutor said: 'There is a tin line between romanticism and fascination.'

The workshops can roughly be divided in three different approaches: workshops that are site specific and interact with the people using the place, workshops that question a topic related to a specific Ahmedabad problem in an architectural way, and workshops that explore a research method.
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