Prizes and mentions
First Prize
Art in Context, Katarzyna Nowak, AvB Rotterdam (architecture)
Design for a fascinating new art museum typology, in which the museum offers a differentiated context for its historical collection. Each space has a distinct character which is matched to the artworks displayed there. The underlying thought is that the context in which art is shown affects its interpretation; the space and the work of art are hence inseparably connected.

First Prize
Pairi Dæza, Milad Pallesh, AvB Amsterdam (architecture)
The plan for a housing development on Kostverlorenvaart is a convincing example of how architecture can play a part in stimulating informal care. The designer has paid attention to this objective at all scales in the design. It is noteable how the designer has succeeded in reinterpreting his Iranian background in the Dutch context.

Third Prize
Re.Claim, Yuka Yoshida, AvB Amserdam (landscape architecture)
This graduation project restores the River Nihonbashi to the urban life of Tokyo through a sophisticated, phased strategy. A significant aspect is that the project accepts the presence of the motorway built above the river as a given fact, and integrates it qualitatively into the design.

Honourable Mentions
Mining Istanbul, Francesco Apostoli, TU-Delft (architecture)

Torino Rinata, Bram van Kaathoven, TU-Eindhoven (architecture)

Tweede Natuur, Hannah Schubert, AvB Amsterdam (landscape architecture)

The jury
Each year Archiprix’s executive board assembles a new independent jury of experts. In the interests of fairness, no persons directly connected with preparing a submitted project or directly related to a designer of such, may sit on the jury. The jury’s task is to assess the projects on their own merits and briefly comment on the substance of each. In addition it has to select the best entries and divide the prize money among them accordingly. There are five members of the jury, one expert in each of the three disciplines, a theorist and a real-estate developer. The line-up of the jury that judged the graduation projects for Archiprix 2016 is as follows:  Vibeke Gieskes (theory), Bianca Seekles (developer), Jan Willem ter Steege (architecture), Anouk Vogel (landscape architecture) and Jeroen de Willigen (urban design).

Book Archiprix 2016 the best Dutch Graduation Projects, architecture, urban design, landscape architecture
ed.: Henk van der Veen
design: Jakub Straka
€ 24.95
ISBN 978-94-6208-295-3